Wendy Murphy’s Law;

Whatever Can Go Wrong Can Be Made Right

Wendy Murphy was rendered with incomplete paraplegia following a motor vehicle accident in 1984. She has carried on with a tenacious spirit, and her life and career choices have been anything but conventional.

Determined to make a difference for the physically challenged community, Wendy threw herself front and center publicly. After she established herself as a sought-after model with a number of department stores and other high-profile advertisers, she moved on to commercial and acting roles.

Her biggest achievement was finding her place in front of the camera as a broadcast journalist for eight years with City TV.

Today Wendy sees total access for those in wheelchairs as both a community and a political issue and she dedicates herself accordingly, all with the goal of seeing change. Just as importantly, she hopes her life and all that she’s accomplished will serve as an inspiration to others; a fact that has spurred her efforts to write this memoir.

“… With strength and resilience, she accomplished much in the next ten years, from modelling to being a reporter on City TV. I met her many years later and know her as just Wendy, friend and fellow disabled woman, trying to find our place in a world where perfection is desired, but near impossible.”

– Melissa Williams

“Wendy Murphy’s Law: Whatever Can Go Wrong Can Be Made Right by Wendy Murphy is a powerful and revealing memoir. Her life-changing accident has not stopped her from living. She writes with such honesty and shares the highs and lows of her journey. This well-written read is truly inspiring and motivating.”

– Goodreads Review