It was not long after finding an agent to represent her that Wendy Murphy broke ground in the modeling industy.

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About Wendy Murphy


Wendy Murphy's life and the career path she's found herself on for more than a decade now have been anything but conventional.

It was following a serious car accident in 1984, which left her confined to a wheelchair, that she found a new direction in life; a new life purpose that today has put her front and center in her quest to "make a difference" for the disabled community as a whole. Murphy was a passenger on the fated day of August 6, 1984 when the van, returning her home from a long week-end of camping in Fort Erie, Ontario, left the highways' on-ramp at a high speed, rolling over six times before coming to a complete stop. Murphy's best friend, Grania O'Neill's injuries were fatal.

It was following two months of recovery at Toronto Western Hospital that Murphy was transferred to Lyndhurst Hospital in Toronto for extensive rehabilitation. With her focus dedicated to regaining her strength and endurance, it was months before she was discharged and joined her family in a new home purchased and then equipped with an elevator.

Home life now offered Murphy the independence she craved. It was then that Wendy was able to re-establish herself. It was also at that point that Wendy decided her life would take on a whole new purpose....


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